LIVA Book sterilizer

Various pathogenic microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould, parasites etc - exist in library books. These might be a health hazard for the public and/or slowly damage the books.

UV-C light has a scientifically-proven effect of killing microorganisms and destroying genetic material of viral particles. UV-C light technology is an effective method of sterilisation, used nowadays in hospitals, offices, factories and airplanes.

Features and benefits

  • The sterilization rate of the LIVA book sterilizer can reach 99.9% in 30 seconds. It is made to sterilize the books and paper documents
  • The inner parts of the books are also entirely disinfected. The gentle blow of the fan removes dust and particles while separating the pages to facilitate the UV light sterilization effect.
  • Equipped with a digital button. The sterilization process can be initiated by a light touch.
  • Aluminum-made (100%), environmentally friendly, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, and burnish. Sterilization effects enhanced by the reflection of the UV-light.
  • Low noise level (lower than 50 dB).
  • The lifespan of the UV-C lamp has been extended to at least 15,000 times on/off cycles, but it can reach up to 30,000 times on/off cycles.


  • The internal circulation of air can effectively prevent the pollution brought by the air outside.
  • Equipped with anti-UV tempered glass to resist the external forces and prevent the release of ultraviolet rays and users can directly observe the sterilization process.
  • Automatically turns off the UV-light if the door of the sterilization room is opened accidentally.
  • Protection from failure caused by the unstable voltage which prolong the lifespan of the machine.
  • Provided with wheels and stoppers, for adequate mobility/stability.

Easy to use

  • Intuitive display. The 5.1 inches graphic LCD shows the remaining time of sterilization, the sterilization process, and the status of the machine in graphic and digital form.
  • Notification for replacement of the UV-C lamp
  • The design of the semi-automatic longitudinal bookshelves enables the easy fixation of books that differ in thickness.



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